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Measles Vaccine


Prophylaxis (immnnisatinn) agamst measles


Measles is seldom given as an individual vaccine and is often given in combination with mumps and rubella. Two types of measles vaccines are currently available.Measles mumps rubella vaccine (MMR-II); MMR vaccine is a live attenuated viral vaccine used to induce immunity against measles, mumps and rubella.


Dosage & Administration

Adult: 0.5 ml by IM or SC injection
Child: Under 1 year, not recommended; others same as adult.

* চিকিৎসকের পরামর্শ মোতাবেক ঔষধ সেবন করুন'


Pregnancy; infection (overt or incubating), malignant disease, active tuberculosis; allergy to hens eggs; hypog-ammaglobulinaexma; treatment with corti-costeroids; cytotoxic drugs, irradiation


Side Effects

Fever, parotits.

Pregnancy & Lactation

No data found

Precautions & Warnings

Children with history of convulsions. parental history of epilepsy. Avoid administration within 3 weeks of other live vaccines or 12 weeks of transfusions or immunoglobulin injection.

Therapeutic Class

Vaccines, Anti-sera & Immunoglobulin


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