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Park Aid Surgical Face Mask 3 Ply (Premium Quality) 50 Pcs

500 ৳
200 ৳
Generic Name:
mask,Face Mask,Surgical Mask

Alternative products

  • Melt blown filter
  • Skin permeability
  • Low resistance to breath
  • Fitting with adjustable nose bar

User Instruction & Caution

1. Wash your hands before and after wearing a mask.

2. Place mask with the white side facing inwards, and place the metal bar across the nose.

3. Place ear loops around both sides to secure the mask.

4. Stretch the nose bar along with the shape of your nose and ensure no gap across the face.

5. Replace mask if it gets damp or soiled.

6. Dispose of the mask after 1-time use.

Validity: Two years under specified storage conditions.

Storage: In dry place at room temperature.

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